How your customers feel about the user assistance your company provides.

I have posted this opinion poll so that software developers and users may gain an understanding of the myth that abounds in software and product development and marketing that “No one reads the manual” and alerting you to the fact that skimping on technical documentation can cost money

I bring this article to you courtesy of Sharon Burton, as I think it adds enormous pertinence to what I do. You may view the original article here.

This poll certainly supports the opinions I put forward in my previous article.

Trends in Technical Writing

Many people would associate technical writing with the instruction guides and manuals that accompany computers, software and the various other appliances that we buy. Seldom is the field of technical writing associated with engineering and functional documentation. For example, the little folded sheet that attempts to explain how to assemble that new clip-together furniture you bought, or the documents that help you complete your tax return. Continue reading “Trends in Technical Writing”